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Working Papers

Eliezer, M., Fishman, R. and Oren, M. Back from Israel: The Causal Impacts of Training in Modern Farms on Smallholder Cultivation in Nepal. Extended Abstract.

Bhattarai, D., Fishman, R., Lamichhane, N. and Mukherji, A: Targeted Finance and Outreach Increase the Adoption of Solar Irrigation Pumps by Smallholder and Women Farmers.

Fishman, R., Kishore, A. and Jain, M: When Water Runs Out: Scarcity, Adaptation and Migration in Gujarat


Gars, J., Fishman, R., Kishore, A., Rothler, Y. and Ward, P.: Does Soil Health Testing Affect Fertilizer Usage? – Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bihar, India.

Fishman, R, Blakeslee, D., Mahalgan, D. and Rothler, D. Economic Factors Mediate the Impact of Drought on Farmers Suicide in India.

Fishman, R., Shannan, Y., Hoffman, M., Gurung J. K. and Regmi, P. P.: Does Subjective Well Being Reflect Non-Income Dimensions of Poverty? 


Fishman, R. et al: Researching Energy Use on Campus.   

Bergman, N. and Fishman, R.: Mobility Levels and Covid-19 Transmission Rates. Link.

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